‘Startriteshoes.com offers three ways to measure your children’s feet at home.’

Start-rite has professional fitters that are expertly trained in measuring and fitting children’s feet with the correct shoes. Getting the advice from a professional will ensure that your child is measured and fitted with the correct size and style of shoe for their feet, through every stage of their development. They will measure the length, width and shape (girth) of your child’s feet – all vital to ensure correctly fitted shoes.

Regular visits to the Start-rite professional fitters are important (and free), and are recommended every six to eight weeks for little ones learning to walk, then three to four months as they get older. It’s worth noting that measuring is only a guide and the most important part of the process is checking the shoes on the foot. Professional fitters will check elements such as the fit around the anklebone and heel as well as the correct width, length and shape of the shoe.

For your convenience we have developed three easy ways to measure your child’s feet at home. You can purchase a measuring gauge, download a paper measuring gauge or use our Click’n’Fit® method.

Measuring Gauge

The first way to measure your child’s feet at home is to purchase a small or large gauge that has been specially designed for use at home. The small or large gauge that has been specially designed for use at home. The small gauge is suitable for shoe sizes UK small 2 to small 8½ and the large gauge is suitable for shoe sizes UK small 9 to large 12. You can find out more about fitting using one of these gauges.

Download Paper Measuring Gauge

The second way to measure children’s feet at home is to download our paper gauge. Go to Downloadable foot gauges to find out more.

We have also developed step by step guides and videos to take you through measuring process and how to check the fit. If you would like to find out more about measuring and fitting visit www.startriteshoes.com


Another useful way of measuring your child’s feet at home is by using Click’n’Fit® where you will need a digital camera.
Click’n’Fit® quickly tells you the size of your child’s feet after you’ve uploaded your photos to our website, taking the hassle out of the buying process so you can measure and shop at your own convenience. Please note that Click’n’Fit® will only measure from a UK small size 3 to a large size 6. Click here for more details.

To make measuring at home as easy as possible for you and to help you to get accurate results, we have made some videos which you how to use our small and large measuring gauges, and how to check the fit of shoes.


How to measure using the small gauge

How to measure using the large gauge

Check the Fit

Check the Fit