‘We want to help parents make the best and most informed decisions when it comes to providing for their children’s feet.’


With 225 years of experience and expertise, Start-rite are dedicated to creating quality, durable, stylish-fitted footwear designed especially for children of all ages.

Children’s feet are continually developing – from the moment they learn to crawl, right into their late teens. We’re here to help parents make the best and most informed decisions on ensuring the well-being of their children, especially when it comes to the healthy development of their children’s feet. That’s why we’re passionate about educating parents on the importance of fitted footwear and what to look for when buying children’s shoes.


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Our Philosophy

Start-rite is renowned and trusted by generations of parents for producing quality fitted footwear, proving we are there for every step of your child’s development, offering the comfort and protection they need along the way.

We pride ourselves on being passionate about the importance of children’s foot health throughout their developing years and are dedicated to providing the right fit, style and comfort for happy, healthy, growing feet. (For more details visit our Why Start-rite section) We also strive to introduce and incorporate unique produce features into our designs to ensure our ranges offer something that little bit extra. We look forward to supporting you and your children with our expertise in children’s fitted footwear for many years to come.


‘Start-rite are there for every step of your child’s foot development.’