As parents, we all worry about the health and well-being of our children, and finding the right fitted footwear is just as important. Ill-fitted shoes can lead to joint and posture problems developing in their later years. Remember each child is unique and develops in their own time, and this section will help you to understand how your child will develop and their foot care needs at each stage.

Specialists since 1792, Start-rite are dedicated to fitting shoes properly. It’s important to look at the all-round shape of your child’s foot, so we pay close attention to not only the length, but also the width and depth of the fit. Shoes that are too wide or too narrow can do as much damage to a growing foot as shoes that are too short or too long. To ensure the best possible fit for every child, during development we take new styles into schools and playgroups and carry out ‘on foot’ fit checks and wear trials to make sure all our shoes offer a comfortable fit for everyday use.

‘We develop ranges in whole and half sizes in a variety of width fittings’

Why Fitted Footwear?

  • Children’s feet can be easily damaged – bones are not fully formed until their teens.
  • Start-rite shoes come in whole and half sizes with multi-width fittings with built-in growing room to ensure the best possible fit.
  • Children’s feet change a lot as they develop throughout their younger years, so all our footwear is styled to resemble the natural shape of the foot. For a toddler this should be wide at the toe and narrow at the heel.
  • As their feet develop into school shoes, they’ll be wearing them day in day out for up to eight hours a day, so you’ll find whole and half sizes in up to five width fittings from D to H, to ensure the best fit.
  • Regular measuring and fitting is important and free. We recommend that toddlers get their feet checked every six to eight weeks and every three to four months once they get older.
  • To be sure that your child is wearing shoes that fit properly, you can either visit one of our retailers where trained staff will measure and fit your child with shoes.
  • If it’s more convenient, you can download our specially developed measuring tools online to help you to measure your child’s feet at home. Visit our fitting section for more details.